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Ethiopia is certainly one of Africa’s most productive and rewarding photographic destinations, with grand scenery, scenic and approachable birds and mammals, plus some outstanding ancient buildings and cultures all this make a photographer’s dream! Eshi Ethiopia Tours (EET) Photographic expedition will allow you the opportunity to recapitulate these exceptional scenes and wildlife on camera. To boot, you will be exposed to the scope of cultures that grace this ancient land, and all of these factors combine to ensure a truly fascinating and enjoyable experience.

EET exciting Omo Valley Extension will take us to one of the wildest and most ethnically diverse places on Earth – the Omo Valley. This is primarily a cultural photographic experience, during which we will interact with several ancient tribal communities who still live almost exactly as they did hundreds of years ago. Our Ethiopian Bird Photographic Expedition loops through central and southern Ethiopia as we seek out the very best bird photography the country offers. Participants can expect endemic Bird species such as the fabled Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco, strange Stresemann’s Bush Crow, Thick-billed Raven and many birds of interest including More remarkable raptors . In the other hand one can have a wonderful snapshot of the unique mammals like Ethiopian Wolf, Gilada baboon , Hamadryas baboon ,Walia Ibex, Mountain Nyala and many more endemics.

In fact, all our Ethiopian photo tours have been especially designed to encapsulate these exceptional scenes and wildlife on camera, with the intention of assisting you in hopefully acquiring some of your most brilliant images! All in all, this is an African photo safari destination like no other, and we guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for both you and your camera.

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Eshi Ethiopia Tours

Probably you might hear it too many times in a day while you travel to Ethiopia.Travelers with Eshi Ethiopia Tours will truly feel scenic Ethiopia.Our company EET delivers a higher level of professional service, arranging all activities of Nature,culture and every site of historical significance.