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There are few more exciting ways to enjoy Ethiopia's natural beauty and witness the isolated life in high mountain villages than trekking through one of Ethiopia's many mountain ranges. Eshi Ethiopia Tours trekking enthusiasts of all levels a wide variety of destinations as well as many options and modes of transport. Allow Eshi Ethiopia Tours to take care of the logistics, equipment and food for your visit to the spectacular Simien Mountains in the north or the equally stunning Bale Mountains in the south.

The Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountains, commonly known as the "Roof of Africa," is home to the country's highest peak: Ras Dashen (4620m) and at least another dozen 4000m plus peaks. It is often considered Ethiopia's most impressive National Park. The steep mountains are also home to three endemic Ethiopian species, namely the Gelada Baboon, Walia Ibex wild goat and the Simien Fox.

There are two major itineraries through the Simien Mountains. The first is a trekking route stopping at each of the three camps within the boundaries of the National Park, and the second is a trek that tackles the highest peak, Ras Dashen (4620m), located outside of the protected area. The first route ends at the Chenek Camp where the second route begins.

Motivated and experienced trekkers can combine the two circuits for a ten day expedition. EET can customize your trek to include camping equipment, cooks, mules and muleteers. Every group entering the National Park is required to carry a local scout.

EET can tailor your trekking itinerary to anywhere from 6 days to 10 days, depending on your time and desires.

The Bale Mountains

Over 60 mammal species and 260 bird species have been recorded in this region. As an area of natural beauty and ecological importance, visitors to the Bale Mountains will be treated to spectacular views, including old growth forests, alpine streams and waterfalls.And the Bale Mountains are different from the Simien Mountains in that hikers move across vast afro-montane landscapes that are very soft underfoot. Trails through the mountains cross wide juniper forests,heather moorlands and alpine meadows, which at different times of the year exhibit an abundance of flora and color.

The Bale Mountains are also special thanks to a series of huts built by a German organization to increase eco-tourism and reduce the mountain dweller's dependence on forestry. The hike through the mountains provides visitors the chance to see how the local Oromia people live without having to carry tents and kitchen supplies. Each hut is completely equipped with beds and a full kitchen.

You and your group will follow a local guide through valleys and highland plateaus either on foot or by horseback. Every village that has a hut benefits directly from tourism and provides hikers with a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. The full circuit of trails can be done in five nights/six days, but due to the proximity of the huts, hikers can choose to visit as many huts as they can.

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Eshi Ethiopia Tours

Probably you might hear it too many times in a day while you travel to Ethiopia.Travelers with Eshi Ethiopia Tours will truly feel scenic Ethiopia.Our company EET delivers a higher level of professional service, arranging all activities of Nature,culture and every site of historical significance.