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Birding Kafta Sheraro National Park

Five days bird watching  tours and  camping in kafta sheraro national park western  part  of  Tigray ,Ethiopia.

The best place to see some rare and special birds in the west part of Tigray  Kafta Sheraro national park. ,Ethiopia.

Kafta Sheraro National park   is home to many ungulates, predators and other wild animal species. The presence of some mega wild animals such as the African elephant, Roan antelope and the thousands of  Demoiselle crane  (which use the area as a wintering site) and other migratory birds make the Park and its environs a significant site for wild life lovers and birders .

Other mammals such as Greater kudus and Bohor reedbucks were relatively common. The avifauna of the Park is rather immense. As a result, the Park is registered as one of the 73 Important Bird Areas in Ethiopia. The egyptian Plover, white headed babbler( habitat restricted species) , Walking along the river side forest and cultivation area which you will see birds like  Rose-ringed Parakeet, Black scrub robin, Black -headed Gonolek , Red-breasted barbet, lizard buzzard, parrot billed sparrow, sniar penduline tit , Desert lark , Brown-headed parrot,  Little green bee-eater, and Demoiselle crane are of the few most attractive bird species of the Park. The Demoiselle crane at the northwestern edge of Kafta-Sheraro National Park in the Great Tekeze Valley.

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  • Package Duration: 4-5 Days
  • Destination: Western Tigray

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