Addis Ababa & its surroundings
Excursions Tours( 1-2 days)
EET 01 - Addis Ababa City Tour
Visit to the Addis Ababa National Museum where Lucy, believed to be the oldest ancestor of human being is kept, Ethnographic Museum, where the traditions and cultures of more than 80 ethnic groups of Ethiopia is expressed at great lengths. Then proceed to the Entoto Hills, with a spectacular view of Addis, and then visit Entoto Mariam Church, where Emperor Menelik II was crowned in 1882. Here one can see religious items dating back to the Emperors’ reign.
EET 02 - Tours Surrounding Addis Ababa
Debre Libanos Monastery -Drive through a spectacular mountain scenery and visit the beautiful medieval monastery founded in the 13th Century by Abuna Tekle Haimanot who reputedly stood 7 years on one leg praying; trek by the Portuguese bridge which was built of limestone and ostrich egg in the 19th century for sightseeing. Watch the Gelada baboons, Lammergeyers and more.
Ankober (160 km)
Drive to Ankober, pass through a fantastic countryside with panoramic views. Till 1878 Ankober served as the capital of Ethiopia. Visit the ruins of the old palace of Emperor Menelik II. Trekking around the spectacular and panoramic area, look for endemic birds like the Ankober serin, Blue-winged geese and Abyssinian longclaw. Return drive to Addis.
Adadi Mariam-Weliso (158 km)
Drive to Adadi Mariam, a rock hewn church dating back to the 12-14th Century which is similar in style to the churches of Lalibela.
Awash National Park (225 km)
Drive to Awash National Park, established in 1966, the Park is home to more than 80 species of mammals and 454 species of birds, with major attractions like the Filwuha hot springs, Awash Falls and Fentale crater. Trek along the Awash River and game drive, where large herds of Beisa oryx and Gazelles roam. Climb Mt. Fentale (2007 m) or swim at the hot springs in a natural blue water swimming pool. Drive back to Addis.
Wendo Genet (235 km)
Drive to Wendo Genet, swim and relax by the hot spring which is believed to have curative properties. Enjoy the sunset from the veranda of your hotel. The natural forest is unsurpassable in beauty. Drive to Awassa, visit the huge and colorful fish market where early in the morning people gather to buy and eat raw fish; and drive back to Addis, stopping by Lake Langano for a relaxing swim at Lake Langano.
Wenchi Crator Lake & Monastery (2 days - 160 km)
Day 01 - Visit Lake Wenchi and Wenchi Cherkos Monastery, which was founded in the 16th Century. On the way admire Chilimo NaturalForest. O/N at Weliso Resort.
Day 02 - Relax at Weliso Resort and return to Addis in the afternoon.
Ziway-Wondo Genet (2 Days - 235 km )
Day 01 - Drive to Ziway, visit Mariam Tsion Monastery where the Ark of the Covenant was kept for protection during the invasion of Yodit Gudit, a Jewish queen who was a radical anti Christian, before it was returned to Axum. O/N at hotel (Wendo Genet).
Day 02 - Swim at the hot spring at Wendo Genet, drive back to Addis.