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Semien Mountain

Day1-Addis Ababa

Arrival Addis Ababa in the morning, meet the guide at the airport .transfer to hotel. Afternoon tour of Addis Ababa visit Entoto maryam, National museum,saint George church and the biggest market Mercato .on hotel

Day 2Addis Ababa-Bahirdar

Addis Ababa Flight to Bahir Dar, once you arrive at your hotel, Morning excursion to the Blue Nile falls (smoking water),afternoon you will begin your visit on Lake Tana (the country’s biggest lake3600km2) on boat to the peninsula of Ura kidane Meheret, Azoua Mariam.

Day 3- Bahirdar-Gondar

Drive to Gonder 180KM (2h30) then start your visit of the castle of Gondar the Camelot of Africa UNESCO registered World Heritage, The royal enclosure surrounded by high stone walls and contains six major castles. Fasiladas bath, Debre Birhan Selassie (Light of Trinity) with wonderful murals. Overnight Gondar On hotel.

Day 4- Simien Mountains

Gondar – Debark-Sankaber

Drive towards Debark where you will arrive at the head quarter of the Simien Park. The simien mountain is one of Africa’s largest mountain ranges. The elevation lies between 3000m-4620m (Ras Dejen). Ras Dejen is the highest point in Ethiopia and the fourth highest peak in Africa. The magnificent site became a national park in 1969 and registered in UNESCO in 1978 as world heritage Site, also world renowned for its endemic wild life of Walia Ibex, Ethiopian Wolf ,the Gelada Baboon ,the Lammergeyer ,bird species , mammals as the Red & Golden back jackals, and more. A single dirt road will lead you to Sankaber where you will stay one night in the camp of sankaber. Overnight sanakaber.

Day 5- Sankaber - Geech

In the morning your luggages will be transported by mules to the next camp called Geech. In the morning you will meet your first geladas baboons. These monkeys, almost frightening with their impressive canines are vegetarians. The path is easy, but you soon realize it is anything but flat. The need to take breaks to get used to the altitude is good because you benefit fully from this magnificent landscape. You will have the opportunity to see the klipspringer and the bushbuck. Once you arrive at the camp of Geech you can go and visit the sunset at Kedadit. You will have of 7-8hrs total of trekking. Overnight Geech.

Day 6- Geech - Chenek

We leave early for Imet Gogo (3926m) on your way you will have the possibility to find the red jackal, and it has a very fantastic view. A descent along the escarpment allows you to surprise the ibex walia, this is a great place to discover these animals endangered. It is sometimes considered to be a subspecies of the Alpine ibex. Splendid views of the whole cliff will be a reward at all times before joining the tree heathers and the camp of Chenek. This camp has a very nice camp with a spectacular view for a sunset. (4000m). Overnight Chenek

Day 7: Ambiquo:

We walk to Ambiquo climbing Buahit (14530ft/4430m) Mountain the 2nd highest peak next to Ras Dashen in Semien Mountain ranges, giving excellent views over the whole area. After refreshment at the summit, you descend towards Chero Laba crossing the Mesheha River; we will reach to Ambiquo and resting for the night here, before the big day on Ras Dashen. The walk of this day takes 7- 8 hours. Overnight Camping at Ambiquo (10496ft/3200m).

Day 8: Ambiquo - Ras Dashen – Ambiquo:

Very early morning start walking toward mount Ras Dashen.You gets up in the pre dawn chill for what will be the most challenging day of the Trek. To reach the summit can take up to 6 hrs. You will head up the valley from campsite, from where you will climb steeply up wards, eventually reaching an impressive amphitheatre made up of three major buttresses of expanded rock, one of which is your goal, Ras Dashen. It is then an easy scramble to the summit, Ras Dashen, which is the highest peak in the country (14901ft/4543m). After taking in the impressive views descend back to Ambiquo for an overnight. The whole round trek takes from 8-10 hours .O/n Camping at Ambiquo - (10496ft/3200m).

Day 9: Sona:

Trek from ambiquo to Sona. Walk from Ambiquo to Sona through the magnificent landscape. En route you will see mount Wali Kend and mount silky in a distance view. Overnight camping in Sona

Day 10: Mekarebia:

Trek from Sona to Mekarebia. We descend for about 2 hours and we cross a river. On this river we stay for about 2 hours to swim and wash some clothes and walk to Mekarebia. Overnight Camping.

Day 11: Mulit:

Trek from Mekarabia to Mulit .On the way to Mullit this day another opportunity for swimming at the river. Afternoon we will ascend for 3 hours to reach Mullit. O/n Camping

Day 12: Mulit - Adirkay - Axum

After a brief walk you will arrive at the town of Adi Arkay (1650m) you will rejoin the main road which connects Gondar to Axum via Lima limo. You will drive by car all the way until Axum (200KM). Adi Arkay is a wonderful rural town situated in the shadows of the northern slopes of the Semien Mountains. Overnight Axum.

Day 13: Axum

Spend your day exploring Axum, start by the stele field which is dominated by the towering stele accredited to king Ezana. This stele is 23m highblock of solid granite that was transported from a quarry 4 km distance, probably by elephants. The stele is carved with a false door and false windows, the top carved semicircular which symbolize the cosmic universe. In the afternoon you will continue to the tombs of Khaleb and Gebremeskel, and the Dongur palace popularly known as queen of Sheba’s palace. Over night Axum

Day 13: Axum – Hawzein,Abrha Weatsbha and Negash mosque

From Axum you will take a route to the high plateaus of Tigray towards Yeha, this temple is the most ancient temple built in the 5th century B.C the walls are with no windows, and it was dedicated to the God called Almouctah. After the temple you will take the road to Gheralta massif where a great number of the rock-hewn churches of Tigray are concentrated here you will visit the churches of, Abrha-Atsbeha, and Dugum Sellasie.

Day 14: Hawzein - Mekele

On the way to Mekelle the capital of Tigray region visit Maryam korkor,Dgum sellase then drive to mekelle.

Day 15: Mekele – Lalibela

Long drive to Lalibela via sekota about 400 km, in the end of the afternoon you will be visiting the Yimrhane Kiristos churh which means Jesus Showed us the way. Overnight lalibela.

Day 16:Lalibela

This is the ancient kingdom of Roha. This strange isolated town in the mountains of Lasta is famed for its rock-hewn churches. Roha was known at that time the capital of the Zagwe Dynasty which ruled over Ethiopia from the 10th century up to the mid- 13th century. According to the Legend, when Lalibela was born he was covered by swarm of bees, which his mother took as a sign that he would one day be king himself. Here, King Lalibela settled to built different monolithic churches in the 11th century. The churches of Lalibela didn’t yet reveal their secrets. Arriving there you will wonder the Architectural techniques used at that time. Overnight lalibela

Day 17: Lalibela - Addis Abeba

Flight to Addis Abeba, in the afternoon you will see the biggest open market in Africa. Farewell dinner in one of traditional Ethiopian restaurant with dances from different ethnic groups. Fly back to your country.

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